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Quantum Computing Videos

Quantum Computing Videos

Building a Quantum Computer Together | IQM & Zurich Instruments

See how IQM and Zurich Instruments advance towards real-world quantum technology applications.

Vladimir Shalaev Discusses Metamaterials and Quantum Optics

Vladimir Shalaev discusses metamaterials, quantum optics, and the joint CLEO/IQEC symposium on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials.

Zurich Instruments' SHFPPC Parametric Pump Controller

Watch how the SHFPPC Parametric Pump Controller, supports reliable operation of up to 4 qubit readout channels, covering parametric pump tone generation, readout signal pre-amplification, and automatic pump tone cancellation.

Install & Get Started | Quantum Experiment Control

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get started with LabOne Q to accelerate your quantum computing experiments.

LabOne Q. All Quantum in One.

LabOne Q is the new software framework to accelerate quantum computing progress on Zurich Instruments’ hardware.