Harvey Musgrave

Harvey Musgrave

M.Sc Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics

Harvey graduated from the University of Nottingham with an M.Sci in Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics. For his final year project, he worked on combining an alternative theory of gravity, namely bigravity, to the RS braneworld model, and mathematically explored the consequent phenomena.

Also while at university, he was a member of the East Midlands University Officer Training Corps, EMUOTC. He developed his leadership skills and communication skills, as well as completing adventure training and some incredible outdoor activities, including planning and being the support crew of a group of 20 individuals as they walked a section of the Pennine Way.

Harvey enjoys all sports, especially football and golf. He does a lot of running and walking. He is also a big music fan, attending gigs (when he can!), and he loves to travel and experience new cultures and foods.

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