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Kazan University Researchers to Study Evolution of Universe

The guidance will be provided by Kavli Prize Laureate, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, world-famous researcher Alexei Starobinsky.

Credit: Kazan Federal University)

A few days ago the University received a confirmation that a research project called Evolution of the Universe in Contemporary Models of Non-Einsteinian Gravitation» will be supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation. Kazan University is joined by Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Chair of the Department of Relativity Theory and Gravitation Sergey Sushkov explains what the project entails:

“During these past decades observational cosmology has developed rapidly and discovered many new facts about the structure and the evolution of the Universe. This is caused by the changes in astronomical devices and the advancement of our observations into space.

The current state of observational cosmology leads to new explorations that don't quite fit in the Standard Model based on general relativity. One of the examples is the accelerating expansion of the Universe. To explain it within the existing framework of general relativity theorists needed to introduce dark energy – the hypothetical substance possessing antigravitational properties. The other option is to modify and expand general relativity.

Cosmologists now tend to think that general relativity is limited in its explanatory power. It’s possible that the earliest stages of the evolution of the Universe can be explained only through modified general relativity.

Our project is dedicated to solving such fundamental questions of cosmology. It aims to construct and select new realistic cosmological and astrophysical models in different modified (non-Einsteinian) theories of gravitation that satisfactorily bring together observed data and theoretical explanations.


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