Dr Fyl Pincus


Materials Research Laboratory, University of California

Santa Barbara
United States
PH: 1 (805) 893 4685
Email: [email protected]


Fyl Pincus obtained his Physics Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in 1961 and after an NSF post-doctoral fellowship at Saclay spent approximately 20 years in the Physics Department at UCLA. He then joined the Exxon Research and Engineering Laboratory in Annandale, NJ for 3 years before coming to UCSB in 1985 as Professor of Chemical Engineering. He now holds joint appointments in the Physics and Materials Departments. Professor Pincus is a condensed matter theorist who has worked in such diverse areas as magnetism, superconductivity, liquid crystals, and correlated electrons in organic conductors. His present activities are in soft condensed matter, particularly on problems motivated by biomolecular issues such as membrane-bound proteins and Coulomb effects in biomolecular assemblies. Honors include Joliot Curie Professor (ESPCI, 1981), John Simon Guggenheim Fellow (Orsay, 1975), Raymond & Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecturer in Physics (Tel Aviv, 1988), High Polymer Physics Prize of the APS (Ford Prize, 1992), Chaire- Paris Sciences (ESPCI, 1999)

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