Dr John Yelton


Department of Physics, University of Florida

P.O.Box 118440
United States
PH: 1 (352) 392-8475
Email: [email protected]



  • PhD University of Oxford, England (1981)
Research Interests:

John Yelton research centered around the CLEO collaboration, working at the Cornell Electron Storage Rings. The CLEO detector is particularly good at looking at the decays of B mesons, but his particular specialty has been the spectroscopy and study of charmed particles, in particular baryons containing charmed quarks. Charmed baryons come in many varieties, each being rather like an excitation of a hydrogen atom which we learn about in atomic physics. By finding new states and studying their decays we learn about the way baryons are put together. For many years, CLEO has been in the forefront of this research, and we have discovered around a dozen new states, each one corresponding to a different configuration of quarks. These analyses are performed using the superb computer resources we have at the Department of Physics.

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