Dr Aephraim M. Steinberg


Department of Physics, University of Toronto

60 St. George Street
M5S 1A7
PH: 1 (416) 978-0713
Email: [email protected]


In the early part of his career Shepherd pioneered the application of Hamiltonian dynamics to geophysical fluid dynamics. Subsequently he turned his attention to the dynamics of the Earth’s middle atmosphere (stratosphere and mesosphere), where he has become a leading authority on middle atmosphere dynamics and climate modelling, and chemistry-climate interactions. In this capacity he has, since its origin in 1993, led the highly successful university-government collaboration to develop and use the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model (CMAM), creating an entirely new research community in Canada. The CMAM has achieved a number of notable firsts, and is currently regarded as one of the leading chemistry-climate models in the world. 

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