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BeamLok 2060 Ion Lasers from Newport Corporation

The BeamLok® 2060 is an industrial small frame ion laser designed for 208V, 3-phase operation and will be individually configured and specified for each customer.

  • Offers a wide range of output power options in both visible and UV wavelengths to meet any scientific or industrial need
  • The best resonator in the business and the patented BeamLok technology lock the beam position and power from turn-on to turn-off, setting the industry standard for stability
  • Z-Lok® automated single-frequency accessory sets the standard for convenient, stable, mode-hop-free single-frequency performance for maximum productivity
  • Patented wavelength-selective mirrors enable the most efficient and convenient single-line and single-frequency operation available resulting in higher power, longer life, and greater stability
  • Unique J-Lok® jitter reduction accessory provides unprecedented single frequency enabling the most demanding spectroscopy and holography applications
  • Easily adjustable intracavity aperture for simple, precise laser mode control
  • Hand-held remote control units provide complete, simple laser control and performance feedback from almost any convenient location
  • Complete computer control available through RS-232 or IEEE, 488 interface for remote or automated operation
  • Four standard configurations available

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