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Stabilite 2017 and 2018 Ion Lasers from Newport Corporation

The Stabilite® 2017 and 2018 ion lasers offers scientific-grade performance in a dependable and affordable package. Simplicity in design yields reliable performance with switched-resistor power supply technology for fewer active elements. These lasers utilize long life metal-ceramic plasma tubes for cleaner optical surfaces and a low-thermal gradient resontaor for rapid warm-up and stable operation. Argon, Krypton, and mixed argon/krypton lasers provide the right match to your applications requiring the ruggedness of a proven design.

  • Argon: All-lines to 6 W and >100 mW of single-line TEM00 power from most visible lines between 454.5 and 514.5 nm
  • Krypton: Red all-lines to 600 mW
  • Mixed argon/krypton: 2018 model for the most available lines from 457.9 nm to 647 nm
  • Optional UV availability, multi-line and 363.8 nm
  • Hand-held remote control units
  • Low thermal gradient resonator provides rapid warm-up and superb power and beam pointing stability
  • Automatic gas fill system
  • Sealed intra-cavity space with catalyst eliminates the need for gas purging or frequent optic cleaning
  • Computer control available through RS-232 or IEEE-488 interface
  • Easily adjustable intracavity aperture for optimizing mode control for each wavelength

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