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Innova Sabre Ion Laser from Coherent

The Innova Sabre series provides the ultimate in high-power ion laser performance, combined with extraordinary ease-of-use. An extremely stable passive design, combined with performance-enhancing active stabilization, ensure rock-solid operation, day-after-day. Sabre systems consist of the remote control module, laser head, Series V plasma tube, power supply, and integral heat exchanger. All Sabre models use the powerful Sentry laser management system that optimizes all beam parameters to deliver the highest beam quality. Standard RS-232/422 and IEEE-488 interfaces also allow for external computer control.

Sabre models are available in two optical configurations: Dual Brewster Window (DBW) and Tunable Sealed-Mirror (TSM). DBW tubes offer the complete wavelength range of ion lasers, and are designed for applications requiring optional wavelength ranges. TSM tubes provide single-line and single-frequency performance.

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