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Diamond K-Series CO2 Lasers from Coherent

Coherent's DIAMOND K-Series, available from 225W to 500W, are compact, sealed and scalable CO2 lasers - the smallest power-size ratio on the market. K-Series lasers are based on diffusion-cooled, slab technology, and operate in a pulsed mode up to 100 kHz. The all-metal design is robust and requires no consumables.

K-Series lasers feature fast rise time, high peak power up to 3x average power, excellent mode quality and pulse-on-demand capabilities. This allows them to process materials more efficiently and with better quality.

Customers have a choice between a Performance Package, Basic Package or OEM Package versions of this laser.

Key applications include cutting of metal up to 3.2 mm thick, plastics i.e. for automotive car interiors, fabrics like airbags or denim, PCB boards and glass for FPD screens. K-series lasers are used in various converting applications like kiss cutting, paper perforation, laser scoring to provide easy tear off functions on flexible packages and beverages, or micro perforations in food packages. Other glass applications are melting of glass for light bulbs or medical ampoules.

The 9-micron lasers are designed to efficiently process materials like polyimide, silicone, PCB boards and other plastics that exhibit higher absorption in the 9-micron region. In some applications where the absorption is similar between the two wavelengths, these lasers can increase the processing speed, due to their faster pulse rise time and similar peak powers compared to the 10.6-micron versions.

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