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Innova 300 Ion Laser from Coherent

Innova 300C lasers are available in many different configurations to meet a variety of application needs. Both argon and krypton versions are offered, covering a combined total of more than 20 visible and UV wavelengths. An extremely stable passive design, the Innova 300C laser  is augmented by performance-enhancing active stabilization features like Coherent's exclusive PowerTrack, ModeTrack, and ModeTune.

For the ultimate in dedicated UV performance, our sealed-mirror systems provide for the lowest maintenance and longest plasma tube lifetime by eliminating optical components from the laser cavity.

Innova 300C Features:

  • SuperInvar resonator for superb beam-pointing and single-frequency performance
  • Linear passbank power supply for lowest noise operation
  • PowerTrack automatic active cavity stabilization for maximum power, best transverse mode, and lowest beam noise
  • ModeTrack/ModeTune etalon stabilization for mode-hop-free, single-frequency performance over a wide temperature range
  • Distributed microprocessors with compact digital remote control for ease-of-use
  • Innova Series V plasma tube for long, trouble-free lifetime

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