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Innova FreD Ion Laser from Coherent

Innova FRED (Frequency-Doubled) lasers use intracavity frequency doubling to produce continuous-wave laser emission in the 229 to 264 nm wavelength range. This portion of the electromagnetic spectrum provides significant utility in a number of applications, such as fiber-grating manufacturing, UV resonance Raman spectroscopy, and semiconductor inspection of manufacturing optics.

In applications requiring deep-UV, the qualities of the output beam are of the utmost importance. FRED lasers exhibit exceptional spatial and temporal coherence, wavelength stability, and output power stability. These factors make the FRED system the ideal laser for exacting applications requiring precise process control.

FRED systems combine an extremely stable, continuous SuperInvar resonator with performance-enhancing active-stabilization components such as PowerTrack, ModeTrack, and ModeTune. These features ensure the highest performance over extended time periods. Each FRED system utilizes the Series V plasma tube, which delivers the longest lifetime and cost-effective operation. Push-button remote operation is standard, with the Sabre MotoFRED's "Search-And-Tune" function also offering automatic fundamental wavelength selection and peaking.

Innova FreD Features:

  • SuperInvar resonator for superb beam-pointing
  • Innova Series V plasma tube for long, trouble-free lifetime
  • Intelligent system control and LCD remote
  • PowerTrack automatic active cavity stabilization for highest stability, best transverse mode, and lowest beam noise
  • ModeTrack/ModeTune etalon stabilization for mode-hop-free, single-frequency performance over a wide temperature range
  • Sentry System provides hands-off operation via Search and Tune and Automatic Mode Control
  • Integral heat exchanger ensures superior cooling/temperature control for enhanced stability

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