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Cryptsoft Completes Technology Integration with Quantum Technology Provider, ID Quantique

Cryptsoft, the major OEM provider of KMIP technology to the enterprise key management security market, today announced completion of a technology integration with ID Quantique SA (IDQ), the leading provider of quantum technology to offer the option of a quantum entropy source within a standards compliant KMIP server.

The combination of certified quantum random number generator technology from IDQ with the OASIS KMIP protocol server solution from Cryptsoft has resulted in a world first by generating millions of quantum-based AES 256-bit keys per hour in a standard KMIP Server configuration.

Tim Hudson , Cryptsoft Technical Director - "Our engineering team was able to integrate the Quantis RNG device into our pluggable RNG layer in under a day. We found the IDQ SDK straight forward to interface with, and even the entry level Quantis device enables you to generate up to 1.4 billion AES 256-bit keys per day, exceeding the key generation requirements of currently known commercial key management system by several orders of magnitude."

Tony Cox , Cryptsoft Business Development Manager - "The addition of Quantis RNG support in our KMIP C Server SDK 1.6 release has enabled Cryptsoft to demonstrate the use of IDQ's proven, certified quantum RNG technology within our KMIP key management server SDK, enabling Cryptsoft to meet industry requests for a demonstration of quantum technology within a commercially available, standards-compliant server. This also provides our KMIP Server SDK customers with the ability to rapidly respond to market demands for certified quantum hardware RNG sources with little to no engineering overhead, and IDQ's technology has made this a reality."

Gregoire Ribordy , CEO id Quantique - "As shown by researchers last year, the use of a poor RNG often remains a major vulnerability in cryptographic implementations. With the integration of our proven Quantis RNG into Cryptsoft's KMIP C server, we are proud to support the KMIP community and ensure that the RNG vulnerability becomes something of the past."


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