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Whitewood Encryption Systems, Cryptsoft Bring Advanced Quantum Security to Enterprise Key Management Market

Whitewood, developers of crypto-security solutions and Cryptsoft, the major OEM provider of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) technology to the enterprise key management security market, today announced a technology integration between the Cryptsoft KMIP C Server SDK and the Whitewood Entropy EngineTM Quantum-powered Random Number Generator (QRNG).

"Using a quantum-based source of high quality entropy, we can ensure that we can generate the quality keys required to strengthen the overall crypto system. Partnering with Whitewood to integrate their Entropy Engine, we can create over 70 billion AES-256 bit keys per day within the Cryptsoft KMIP Server SDK, making them accessible using a standard KMIP interface," said Tony Cox, Director, Strategy & Alliances, Cryptsoft. "We are excited to be partnering with Whitewood Encryption Systems to bring this technology to the Enterprise Key Management market, and deliver a significant performance and security advantage to our customers."

"Key management technology is difficult to get right and trusted security technology providers around the world have turned to Cryptsoft for their proven standards-based toolkits," said Richard Moulds, Vice President of Strategy, Whitewood. "Leveraging Cryptsoft's deep understanding of encryption and key management, this partnership enables us now to help satisfy one of the fundamental crypto challenges. Random number generation is no longer an issue that can be taken for granted and establishing a high level of assurance is now a standard of due care for anyone deploying a key management system."

Cryptsoft's encryption and key management SDKs will be on display at booth 3030(North) at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco (February 29 - March 4).

Whitewood's Entropy Engine and netRandomTM system will also be on display at booth 4915 at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco (February 29 - March 4).


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