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AIST Selects QuEra’s Neutral-Atom Quantum Computer to Be Installed Alongside NVIDIA-Powered ABCI-Q Supercomputer

QuEra Computing, a global leader in neutral-atom quantum computing technology, today announced it has been awarded a 6.5 Billion JPY contract (approx. $41 M USD) by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) to deliver a state-of-the-art quantum computer, advancing quantum capabilities in Japan. This computer will be installed on-premises alongside the NVIDIA-powered ABCI-Q supercomputer.

This strategic initiative aims to develop a powerful hybrid quantum-classical computing platform, where QuEra’s unique quantum computing technology complements AIST’s ABCI-Q supercomputer with the ultimate goal of creating a hybrid platform for high-fidelity simulations and quantum AI applications.

QuEra's gate-based neutral-atom quantum computers are known for their unique scale, fidelity, and upcoming quantum error detection and correction abilities. Neutral-atom computers are a highly promising quantum modality, offering a clear path to large-scale, fault-tolerant computers. QuEra leads the neutral-atom market, offering dynamic qubit manipulation (qubit shuttling), enabling flexible and efficient quantum computations. QuEra’s computers operate at room temperature and can readily integrate with classical computing infrastructure.

QuEra’s gate-based computer is scheduled for on-premises installation in 2025. QuEra already has significant expertise in operating quantum computers, as its first-generation 256-qubit computer has been available on a major cloud service since November 2022, providing global access to advanced quantum computing capabilities. QuEra was also recently awarded a contract to deliver a quantum testbed to the UK’s national quantum program.

AIST’s NVIDIA-powered ABCI-Q will enable large-scale high-fidelity quantum simulations, as well as quantum accelerated supercomputing, for research across industries. The high-performance, scalable system is integrated with NVIDIA CUDA-Q, an open-source hybrid quantum computing platform. The supercomputer is powered by more than 2,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs in 500+ nodes interconnected by NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand. ABCI-Q is part of Japan’s quantum technology innovation strategy, which aims to create new opportunities for businesses and society to benefit from quantum technology, including through research in AI, energy, and biology.

The ABCI-Q system is intended to be a platform for the advancement of quantum circuit simulation and quantum machine learning, the building of classical-quantum hybrid systems, and the development of new algorithms inspired by quantum technology.

Takuya Kitagawa, President of QuEra, remarked, "We are honored that AIST has chosen our technology for installation in Japan. This partnership highlights our mutual dedication to advancing science and technology, setting new standards in computational research with a focus on quantum and AI applications. We are excited about working with Japanese entities and companies on new horizons with quantum computing."

"The integration of quantum computers with GPU supercomputing is a key milestone to unlock the potential of quantum computing to accelerate scientific discovery", said Tim Costa, director of high-performance computing and quantum computing at NVIDIA. "QuEra's system positioned alongside ABCI-Q and powered by CUDA-Q represents a pioneering leap forward in this regard, enabling the development of cutting edge hybrid applications and quantum research and development."

Masahiro Horibe, Deputy Director of G-QuAT/AIST, stated, "Installing QuEra’s cutting-edge technology alongside our existing computing infrastructure is a crucial step in Japan’s quantum initiatives. This collaboration will enhance our computational capabilities and drive the development of practical applications in fields like AI, energy, and biology."

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