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Journal of Geometry and Physics

Journal of Geometry and Physics

The Journal of Geometry and Physics is an International Journal in Mathematical Physics. The Journal stimulates the interaction between geometry and physics by publishing primary research, feature and review articles which are of common interest to practitioners in both fields.

The Journal covers the following areas of research:

Methods of:

  • Algebraic and Differential Topology
  • Algebraic Geometry
  • Real and Complex Differential Geometry
  • Riemannian and Finsler Manifolds
  • Symplectic Geometry
  • Global Analysis, Analysis on Manifolds
  • Geometric Theory of differential equations
  • Geometric Control Theory
  • Lie groups and Lie Algebras
  • Supermanifolds and Supergroups
  • Discrete Geometry
  • Spinors and Twistors

Applications to:

  • Strings and Superstrings
  • Noncommutative Topology and Geometry
  • Quantum Groups
  • Geometric Methods in Statistics and Probability
  • Greometry Approaches to Thermodynamics
  • Classical and Quantum Dynamical Systems
  • Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems
  • Classical and Quantum Mechanics
  • Classical and Quantum Field Theory
  • General Relativity
  • Quantum Information
  • Quantum Gravity

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