Dr Raymond G. Beausoleil

Consulting Professor of Applied Physics

Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University

348 Via Pueblo Mall, Stanford University
United States
PH: 1 (650) 723-4027
Email: [email protected]


Ray Beausoleil is an HP Fellow in the Information and Quantum Systems Laboratory (IQSL) at HP Laboratories. There he leads the Large-Scale Integrated Photonics research group, and is responsible for research on the applications of optics at the micro/nanoscale to high-performance classical and quantum information processing.

In 1996, Ray became a member of the technical staff at HP Laboratories, after serving as an officer or director of R&D at three small companies in the laser and computer industries. Among his other accomplishments at HP, he invented the optical paper-navigation algorithms incorporated into the HP/Agilent optical mouse, and now HP's large-format printers.

Ray received the Bachelor of Science with Honors in Physics from the California Institute of Technology in 1980; the Master of Science degree in Physics from Stanford University in 1984; and his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford in 1986 as a member of Ted Hansch's research group. As part of his dissertation research, he measured the frequency of the 1S-2S two-photon transition in atomic hydrogen with a precision of 6 parts in 10 billion.

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