Dr Yan Mei Wang

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis

Campus Box 1105,One Brookings Drive
St. Louis
United States
PH: 011 (314) 935-7478



  • 2002     Ph. D., University of California, Berkeley, Physics
  • 1996  B.A., University of California, Los Angeles, Physics

Research Interests

Our group is a single molecule biophysics lab. We are affiliated with the Department of Physics and the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Our research interests focus on elucidating biological mechanisms at the molecular level using single molecule fluorescence imaging techniques. Current biological mechanisms of interest are gene expression and control mechanisms, where the kinetics and pathways of single gene regulator proteins and their interactions with DNA are investigated in vitro and in vivo, cell division control protein dynamics, flagella transport protein dynamics, and photo-characterization of photosynthesis proteins - phycobilisomes.  To extract quantitative information from the frequently convoluted images of the molecules, we explore and develop novel analytical methods.

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