Dr Stuart A. Solin

Charles M. Hohenberg Professor of Experimental Phy

Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis

Campus Box 1105,One Brookings Drive
St. Louis
United States
PH: 011 (314) 935-5605



  • 1969Ph.D., Purdue University
  • 1965 M.S., Purdue University
  • 1963B.S., MIT

Research Interests

Throughout his career Professor Solin's research focus has been on fundamental physical phenomena in ordered and disordered solids. His current interests and research activities include X-ray physics, high-pressure physics, mesoscopic/nanoscopic physics, phase transformations, metal-insulator transitions, 2D and 3D magnetism, order-disorder phenomena, semiconductor superlattices, hot carrier effects, layered intercalation compounds, finite crystal size effects, electron energy loss spectroscopy, field-emission analytical electron microscopy, time resolved femtosecond luminescense and Raman scattering spectroscopy, linear and nonlinear magnetotransport and Extraordinary Magnetoresistance (EMR) in mesoscopic and macroscopic systems.

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