Dr Paul Barclay

Assistant Professor

Institute for Quantum Information Science, University of Calgary

2500 University Drive NW
T2N 1N4
PH: 1 (403) 220 8517
Email: [email protected]


Paul Barclay completed his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology in 2007. At Caltech he worked for Prof. Oskar Painter to create nanophotonic devices for experiments in nonlinear optics. He also collaborated with Prof. Hideo Mabuchi's quantum control and atomic physics group to study light-matter interaction using chip-based photonic devices and atom traps. He was one of Prof. Painter's first two students. In 2008 he joined Hewlett-Packard Labs, in Palo Alto, California, where he worked with Ray Beausoleil and Charles Santori, in Stan Williams' Information and Quantum Systems Lab. At HP Labs, Paul studied the emerging field of diamond based nanophotonics and quantum optics. Paul's undergraduate degree is in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia, where he completed co-op and NSERC undergraduate research terms with Prof. Jeff Young, Prof. Garry Clarke, Nortel Networks, and Ballard Power Systems.

Dr. Barclay has made several significant contributions to the field of nanophotonics, by designing, fabricating, and measuring new types of nanoscale optical devices from a wide range of materials. His work is motivated by creating devices which shed light on new areas of physics, in particular the area of quantum information science. Important contributions include the first measurement of nonlinear effects in silicon nanocavities, development of widely adopted fiber probing methods for sub-wavelength photonic devices, and demonstration of some of the first diamond based nanophotonic devices for quantum optics experiments.

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