Dr Engin Hakan Türeci

Institute of Quantum Electronics, ETH Zürich

Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 16
PH: 41 (44) 6334179
Email: [email protected]


Hakan E. Türeci was appointed as SNF Professor for Mesoscopic Quantum Optics at the Institute for Quantum Electronics in March 2009. He studied physics at Bilkent University and moved on to Yale University for his graduate work. He received his PhD from Yale University under the direction of A. Douglas Stone in 2003 for his dissertation in mesoscopic optics. He did his postdoctoral work in the Condensed Matter Theory group at Yale University (2003-2006) and at ETH Zurich (2006-2009). His research interests span a wide range of theoretical problems in quantum and non-linear optics, condensed matter physics and photonics.

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