Dr Peter Günter

Nonlinear Optics Laboratory, Institute of Quantum Electronics, ETH Zürich

PH: 41 (44) 633 22 95
Email: [email protected]


Peter Günter is professor of experimental physics and head of the Nonlinear Optics Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH). He performed his studies at ETH and obtained the master degree (dipl. Phys. ETH) in 1971 and the Ph.D. in Physics in 1976. His thesis concerning the investigation of electro-optical and photorefractive effects in KNbO3 crystals was awarded the ETH silver medal and the «Federal Institute of Technology prize for excellent Ph.D. work In 1982 he became senior lecturer with a thesis on «Holography, coherent light amplification and optical phase conjugation in photorefractive materials» and in 1986 he was elected as professor of experimental physics.

Since 1971 he has been engaged in research on electro-optics, nonlinear optics and photorefractive phenomena in organic and inorganic materials and has authored and coauthored more than 400 papers in these fields. He was coauthor of books on Laser-Induced Dynamic Gratings and Nonlinear Optical Materials, the director of an Erice summer school on Electro-optic and photorefractive materials, and a member of the technical program or organizing commitees of several international conferences.

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