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Quantum Science Congratulates Nobel Prize Winners Who Pioneered Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Science offers its thanks to the “remarkable contributions” of the pioneering team behind quantum dot (QD) technology having just received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Image Credit: Quantum Science

Alexi Ekimov, Louis Brus, and Moungi Bawnedi, were granted the prestigious award on Wednesday (October 4) for their work discovering and developing the nanoscale semiconductor materials.

Their achievements laid the groundwork for Quantum Science’s leading INFIQ® infrared QD technology, which is advancing the frontier of nanoscience with lead-free solutions sensitive to wavelengths of 1,550nm.

Dr Hao Pang, CEO and Founder of Quantum Science, congratulated Ekimov, Bawendi, and Brus on their outstanding contributions to this field and committed to “carrying forward the torch” of QD technology as it starts bringing revolutionary advancements into everyday devices.

Dr Pang said: “The founders of Quantum Science and its dedicated team boasts more than 15 years of experience in the QD industry. They are among the pioneering world leaders in commercialising QDs, having successfully introduced visible QD technology to the display lighting and thin film solar markets in the past. The team takes immense pride in its ability to translate lab innovations into real-world applications, enhancing people’s visual experiences, increasing agricultural yields, conserving energy, and facilitating more sustainable activities.

“Today, Quantum Science stands as an expert in infrared QD technology. It has assembled QD experts worldwide, forming a world-leading infrared QD team. The team is driven by a singular mission to deliver the highest quality infrared QD technologies to the shortwave infrared (SWIR) industry. This endeavour empowers device manufacturers, sensor creators, camera developers, and electronics companies to make affordable SWIR products accessible to everyone. Quantum Science’s team firmly believes that this endeavour will deliver unprecedented value by equipping individuals and smart devices with advanced IR imaging and sensing capabilities that were previously out of reach.

“Inspired by the achievements of Nobel Prize winners in the field, the Quantum Science team is resolutely committed to executing its plan. Its goal is to offer the best infrared QD products to the imaging and sensing markets, unveiling a hidden world and vast potential markets. It aspires to revolutionise how machines and humans perceive the world, ultimately enhancing the lives of everyone in the future.

He added: “We offer our warmest congratulations to the pioneering scientists whose QD discoveries have laid the foundation for our industry. We express our profound gratitude for their remarkable contributions. The Quantum Science team is dedicated to driving the future of QD technology, embarking on an exciting journey that promises benefits for all.”

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