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ISARA Launches Newest Quantum-Safe Security Suite

ISARA Corporation, the leading provider of security solutions for the quantum computing era, announced the launch of its latest version of the ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite today.


ISARA Radiate 1.3 offers OEMs the ability to incorporate quantum-safe security measures into their current networks and commercial products to protect present day data from future quantum computer attacks.

Quantum computing will deliver amazing benefits, but also will create a new and very serious security threat. All organizations with critical data need to begin preparing today by protecting information whose confidentiality must persist over time. With this new release, we offer easy-to-implement solutions that allow OEMs to integrate a new level of security with minimal disruptions to their customer's operations or data flow.

Scott Totzke, CEO, ISARA Corp.

Experts believe that a large-scale quantum computer will be built within the next 10 years. With massive computing power stimulated by quantum mechanics, such a computer offers the potential for vast advancements in areas such as material design and artificial intelligence. But it also will be responsible for breaking the public key encryption standards that protect all of the data, technology and software updates we at the moment safely store, share and use.

ISARA Radiate is the first comprehensive solution that provides a high-quality implementation of quantum safe algorithms and integration tools designed by Developers for Developers. Version 1.3 currently offers complete coverage across all areas of math suitable for quantum safe algorithm development providing Developers several options for digital signature, key agreement and public-key encryption.  ISARA Radiate also includes improved integration for OpenSSL, providing customers new options for delivering quantum-safe solutions at present.

We know that OEMs will want to be able to implement this security easily and with few, if any, headaches. With this suite as a foundation, our team can assist in implementation and provide a full range of professional services to seamlessly transition now to a state of quantum readiness.

Scott Totzke, CEO, ISARA Corp.

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