Dr Wai Mo Suen


Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis

Campus Box 1105,One Brookings Drive
St. Louis
United States
PH: 011 (314) 935-5843



  • 1985 Ph.D., Physics, California Institute of Technology
  • 1981 M.A., Physics, California Institute of Technology
  • 1980 M.Ph., Physics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 1978 B.Sc., Physics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Interests

Wai-Mo Suen and his post-docs and students in the Washington University Gravity Group (WUGRAV) work on General Relativistic Astrophysics -----astrophysics involving strong and dynamical gravitational fields. They study astrophysical processes involving black holes, neutron stars and gravitational waves, based on the General Theory of Relativity. This is a particularly exciting frontier of research due to two reasons:

* The large amount of onservational data in X-ray and gamma-ray astronomies, and the great promise of gravitational wave astronomy with the gravitational wave observatories LIGO/VIRGO and LISA coming on line soon.

* The stunning increase in computer power. Massively parallel supercomupters are now finally becoming capable of carrying out the full scale computation in applying the Einstein theory to realistic astrophysical systems.

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