Dr James S Schilling


Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis

Campus Box 1105,One Brookings Drive
St. Louis
United States
PH: 011 (314) 935-6239



  • 1969 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
  • 1963 B.S., University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

The primary thrust of the research in my group is to study the influence of high hydrostatic pressure on the superconducting, magnetic, and structural properties of exotic condensed matter systems. In this regard the application of pressure is used to test our understanding of interesting physical phenomena as a function of lattice parameter, to search for new phenomena in solids, as well as, in combination with high temperatures, to synthesize new materials unavailable under ambient pressure conditions. My group is currently focussing its research on the properties of the recently discovered (January 2001) high-temperature superconductor MgB2, oxygen ordering effects in the high-Tc oxide superconductors, and superconductivity/magnetism in low-dimensional organic solids.

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