Dr Jens Eggers

Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol

University Walk, Clifton
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (11) 9287992
Email: [email protected]



  • Dipl.-Phys-RWTH Aachen (1987)
  • Dipl.-Phys-University of Marburg (1990)
Research Interests:

Jens Eggers is interested in strongly nonlinear flows involving many length scales. Very often these phenomena are characterised by the underlying (hydrodynamic) equations becoming singular. The structure of singular solutions is typically self-similar, i.e. profiles observed on different scales can be mapped onto each other by rescaling the axes. Examples are the formation of drops, drops spreading on a solid substrate, or singular surface deformations caused by a jet falling into a pool liquid. Understanding the structure of singularities is crucial for modelling industrial processes such as printing, coating, or the entrainment of air into liquids.

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