PCDMini Photon Counting Device from sensL

sensL’s PCDMini Photon Counting Device is the first miniature photon counting system on the market and features sensL’s new quenching architecture with snap-on boards for enhanced functionality.

The sensor is hermetically sealed and comes with cooler board (for applications that require extremely low dark count) and a snap-on USB Interface Board which will significantly simplify the task of integrating the PCDMini into any measurement system. Its integrated counter functionality eliminates the requirement for a separate data acquisition system. DLL and LabVIEW drivers supplied with the USB Interface Board enable the user to easily integrate the module into their systems, while the compatibility with sensL’s Integrated Environment (SIE) graphical user interface makes system monitoring and configuration extremely user friendly. This ease of integration, combined with the compact and miniature form factor of the product makes the PCDMini the ideal photon counting solution.

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