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LaserMark 950 and 960 Series CO2 Lasers from LightMachinery

LightMachinery's' LaserMark 950 and 960 series lasers provide a fast, reliable means of applying high quality permanent marks such as date and batch codes to consumer product packages and electronic components. These pulsed CO2 lasers complete the entire marking process in less than 1 micro-second so marking can be done "on the fly" without mark smearing or degradation that can occur in other types of laser marking.

LaserMark lasers can mark on a wide variety of materials including inked paper and cards, foils, painted or anodized metal, glass and many types of plastic. The LaserMark series provides ease of operation, extreme reliability and high uptime, in production environments. Solid state SSM high voltage modulators and ultra-low gas flow ensure minimal consumable and maintenance costs. The LaserMark 960SSM series is sealed to NEMA 12 standards for general purpose applications. For more demanding operation the 950SSM series is NEMA 4 rated for direct high pressure hose down.

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