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IMPACT Series CO2 Lasers from LightMachinery

LightMachinery's IMPACT 2000 lasers are designed primarily for the fine processing of non-metallic materials. Drilling and machining are typical applications for these lasers. A unique capability of the IMPACT laser is the ability to drill through non-metallic layers on a metal substrate with no damage to the underlying metal layer. This capability proves very effective in applications such as printed circuit board drilling, wire stripping and mold cleaning.

The IMPACT 2000 series of lasers all incorporate high reliability SSM switch technology as well gas filtering systems to ensure very high uptimes and low maintenance even at continuous 75W power delivery 24/7.

The fully configurable IMPACT 4000 series lasers are designed for more scientific and specialized applications. The short pulse of the thyratron switched IMPACT 4000 is ideal for ultrasound applications as well as applications in infrared chemistry. The IMPACT 4000 can be configured with a tunable option and set up in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier, MOPA, configuration with additional amplifiers to achieve the right power at the right wavelength for your application.

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