Using the Josephson Junction Fabrication for Quantum Computing

Angstrom Engineering has collaborated with a number of eminent researchers and professionals who are making quantum computing a reality through the fabrication of dependable and repeatable Josephson junctions.

Angstrom Engineering’s Quantum Series line of physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipment is tuned with the specialized operation of developing Josephson Junctions, from utilizing an electron beam source to deposit aluminum, magnetron sputtering for niobium, to gas flow management while making uniform tunnel junctions, together with exact shadow evaporation utilizing a tilting substrate. Everything is handled automatically while utilizing Angstrom Engineering’s propriety software platform, Aeres. The outcome is precisely repeatable Josephson Junctions.

Angstrom Engineering’s team of skilled nanotechnologists, physicists, and chemists are ready to partner with customers to help usher in the quantum age.

3D Transmon Qubit

3D Transmon Qubit

Technical Highlights: Nebula Cluster
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