Startup Raises $18M to Miniaturize Quantum Computer

Quantum Brilliance, the leading developer of room-temperature miniaturised quantum computing products and solutions, today announced an $18 million USD fundraise. Investors include Breakthrough Victoria, Main Sequence, Investible, Ultratech Capital Partners, MA Growth Ventures, Jelix Ventures, Rampersand and CM Equity Partners. 

Quantum Brilliance will use the funding to expand international operations, deliver hardware and software products to customers, and improve manufacturing and fabrication techniques. Quantum Brilliance will also enhance the performance of its room-temperature quantum computers and further develop software and application offerings.

Breakthrough Victoria, which manages a $2 billion AUD sovereign investment fund for the Victorian government in Australia, supports breakthrough ideas and technologies to help solve globally significant problems, create industries of the future, improve health and wellbeing, and deliver prosperity and sustainable returns for Victoria over the next decade and beyond. 

“We are actively investing in quantum technologies to establish Australia, and the state of Victoria, as a global player in this rapidly evolving sector,” said Grant Dooley, CEO of Breakthrough Victoria. “Quantum Brilliance’s vision of mass producible, room temperature, small form factor quantum computers aligns closely with our mandate to fund ideas and technology in Victoria that will help solve globally significant problems, and we see them as a true innovator in the quantum computing industry.” 

Quantum Brilliance’s quantum computers use synthetic diamonds to operate at room temperature in any environment, from data centres to mobile devices to autonomous vehicles to spacecraft. Quantum Brilliance’s devices do not require cryogenics, vacuum systems and precision laser arrays, meaning the company’s technology consumes significantly less power and can be deployed onsite or at the edge. The company is working to further miniaturise its technology, eventually to the size of semiconductor chips that can be used on any device and wherever classical computers exist today, unlocking practical quantum computing to everyone.

Quantum Brilliance believes the small form factor, ruggedised construction and low power consumption of its quantum computers will enable quantum computing to solve more problems for more people. Quantum Brilliance’s technology has a clear path to scale, allowing for quantum computers to be mass produced. From onboard signal analysis in satellites, to optimisation of decisions in autonomous vehicles, to massive arrays for modelling molecules for pharmaceutical discoveries, Quantum Brilliance believes its quantum computers provide a tangible path to business use cases.

Quantum Brilliance is delivering quantum computing systems for customers to operate on-site today. The company also offers its software development kit that includes high performance emulators, allowing customers and researchers to develop and test quantum applications for future commercialisation. In the race to justify spending on quantum technologies, Quantum Brilliance believes its products and solutions provide a tangible pathway to discover commercial quantum use cases.

“Our technology is following the successful path of classical computers, where integrated semiconductor chips allowed the jump from large fragile mainframes to laptops and smartphones. Our small form factor, room temperature, low power devices are forging the same path,” said Andrew Horsley, co-founder of Quantum Brilliance. “We are proud of our achievement in taking quantum computing from the lab to the data centre has been recognised by the investment community.”

Breakthrough Victoria's investment builds on Quantum Brilliance’s already established presence in the state of Victoria. Quantum Brilliance established the Research Hub for Diamond Quantum Materials in Victoria, Australia, in April 2022. This Hub was started with leading quantum diamond institutions La Trobe University and RMIT University to enhance the computational power of diamond-based quantum computers with techniques that can transition to manufacturing systems in large volumes. The company plans to expand the hub and continue to work with its research partners to offer industry PhD positions in Victoria to build the next generation of talent in Australia.

Quantum Brilliance has global partnerships in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, working with governments, supercomputing centres, research organisations and industry. Quantum Brilliance installed the world’s first room-temperature diamond-based quantum computer located on-site in a supercomputing facility at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to accelerate the development of the world's first hybrid quantum-classical computing platform.

Quantum Brilliance and its investors recognise the tremendous growth opportunity in the quantum computing market. Hyperion Research predicts the quantum computing market will reach $1.2 billion USD by 2025, and McKinsey estimates the market will reach USD$700 billion globally by 2035.



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