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D-Wave Expands Leap Quantum Cloud Service to India and Australia

D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum computing systems, software and services, today announced its latest geographic expansion of the Leap™ quantum cloud service to India and Australia. Developers, researchers and businesses in these countries can now access D-Wave 2000Q™ quantum computers, hybrid solvers and the Quantum Application Environment (QAE) in real time via Leap to drive the development of business-critical, in-production hybrid applications.

In addition to access, Leap offers free developer plans, teaching and learning tools, code samples, demos and an emerging quantum community to help developers, forward-thinking business and researchers get started building and deploying quantum applications.

This expansion builds upon Leap’s existing user base, bringing the total number of supported countries to 37 in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and opens the door for potentially hundreds of thousands of new developers and enterprises to build practical, real-world business applications using the cloud service. India and Australia’s robust technology sectors can now harness the power of Leap to accelerate quantum application development across a diverse set of industries. For the first time, users in these countries will have real-time cloud access to a commercial quantum computer.

Earlier this year, D-Wave introduced the new version of Leap, Leap 2. Australian and Indian users will now also be able to take advantage of the following updated features and tools:

  • Hybrid Solver Service: The hybrid solver service is a managed cloud-based service allowing users to easily solve large and complex problems of up to 10,000 variables. The hybrid solver automatically runs problems on a collection of quantum and classical cloud resources, using D-Wave’s advanced algorithms to decide the best way to solve a problem.
  • Integrated Developer Environment (IDE): The IDE is a prebuilt, ready-to-code environment in the cloud configured with the latest Ocean SDK for quantum hybrid development in Python. The Leap IDE includes the new D-Wave problem inspector and Python debugging tools. Developers can share code and contribute to the Ocean tools through the seamless GitHub integration.
  • Problem Inspector: The problem inspector gives developers a visual representation of their problems on the quantum processing unit, allowing them to fine-tune code and improve results.
  • Flexible Access: With Leap, users have access to flexible increments of computing time across quantum and classical systems, catering to all skill and investment levels. Interested developers and businesses can access Leap with both free and paid plans at

“Quantum computing is poised to fundamentally transform the way businesses solve critical problems, leading to new efficiencies and profound business value in industries like transportation, finance, pharmaceuticals and much more,” said Murray Thom, Vice President of Software and Services, D-Wave. “The future of quantum computing is in the cloud. That’s why we were eager to expand Leap to India and Australia, where vibrant tech scenes will have access to real-time quantum computers and the hybrid solver service for the first time, unlocking new opportunities across industries.”

To date, over 200 early applications have been built with D-Wave’s systems, many using Leap. Use cases for hybrid quantum computing span industries, and include protein folding, financial modeling, machine learning and route optimization, among others. This year, D-Wave offered free access to Leap to any individual or organization working to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Expansion into India and Australia will also give COVID-19 researchers in those countries access to this free service. Already, it has yielded promising applications, including hospital resource allocation and COVID diagnostics using MRI imaging.

D-Wave’s forthcoming, next-generation system, Advantage™, will be available to global users via Leap later this year. Designed to enable the development of commercial quantum applications, Advantage will offer 5000+ qubits, 15-way qubit connectivity and power a new platform that will further deliver significant performance gains and greater solution precision.


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