Magnolia Solar Presents Paper on Thick-Well Quantum-Structured Solar Cells at SPIE Photonic West

Magnolia Solar Corporation ("Magnolia Solar") announces that Dr. Roger E. Welser, the Chief Technology Officer of its wholly owned subsidiary, Magnolia Solar, Inc., presented a paper at the SPIE Photonic West Conference on the Physics, Simulations and Photonic Engineering for Photovoltaic Devices II. The lecture, entitled "Thick-Well Quantum-Structured Solar Cells," was presented on February 6, 2013 in San Francisco, CA as part of a special session on Quantum Well Enhanced Devices.

Dr. Welser stated, "Magnolia Solar has developed a novel device structure that suppresses undesirable recombination events, enabling photovoltaic devices to reach new levels of performance. To better design and realize ultra-high-efficiency solar cells, we continue to explore the underlying physical mechanisms controlling the power output of photovoltaic devices. The aim of our ongoing work summarized at the SPIE conference in San Francisco is to increase both the current and voltage output of single-junction cells by employing a nano-enhanced active region and advanced light-trapping strategies. Higher voltage and current generation increases the electrical power production of photovoltaic modules. With this patent-pending approach, we expect to demonstrate high solar electric conversion efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions."

Dr. Ashok K. Sood, President and CEO of Magnolia Solar Corporation, stated, "Photovoltaic devices can provide a mobile source of electrical power for a variety of commercial and military applications in both space and terrestrial environments. Many of these applications can directly benefit from enhancements in the efficiency of the photovoltaic devices. Magnolia Solar is developing revolutionary new thin-film solar cell technologies employing nanostructured materials. Nanostructured materials enable photovoltaic devices to have total spectrum absorption by collecting solar energy from the ultraviolet to the deep infrared. In collaboration with our partners, we intend to continue to update our shareholders as we work to meet our goals."


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