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New PhD Position at University of Liverpool Will Enable a Student to Work at CERN

Founding director of Barclays Development Capital Ltd has created a new PhD position at the University of Liverpool that will allow a student to work at one of the world’s largest particle accelerator facilities.

Professor Themis Bowcock joins Dr Clive Mclintock at the VG&M’s particle physics exhibition

Dr Clive McLintock, a University graduate in Chemistry, has funded the post to help support Liverpool’s continued contribution to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland, where the discovery of the Higgs particle was made in 2012.


Dr McLintock, also former non-executive director of Unijet Group Plc and Holidaybreak, was inspired to support the programme after attending the University’s alumni event at CERN in 2013.

Speaking at an event held for alumni at the University’s Victoria Gallery and Museum’s ‘A World A Particle’ exhibition, he said: “I have a great appreciation for the value of philanthropy, having also benefitted from a personal donation during my time at University.

“I am proud to continue this tradition and to know a postgraduate student in particle physics will be given the same opportunity as me.”

Dr McLintock’s gift will establish a pound-for-pound matching fund, to encourage other alumni to support the initiative and help ensure that the University retains its ground-breaking position in global science.

Professor Themis Bowcock leads a team of 50 Liverpool scientists and engineers which carries out a particle physics research programme, based at CERN and other laboratories round the globe.

Wonderful opportunity

He said: “This generous donation by Dr McLintock shows how individuals can make a direct contribution to solving some of the most fundamental questions in science.

“The PhD student funded by this programme will be working at the forefront of physics and it’s a wonderful opportunity for a talented scientist to build their career.”

This scholarship will commence in October 2014.


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