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1Qbit Brings Quantum Computing from Theory to Application with Specialized Quantum Software

The development of quantum computing has revolutionized computing. Quantum computers are expected to tackle issues that are currently intractable or take years to resolve by utilizing the power of quantum mechanics. While quantum technology has been experimented with for a while, due to its complexity and the need for extensive development and testing to make it commercially feasible, it hasn't yet become widely available.

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Numerous businesses and academic institutions are engaged in the development of quantum computers, and new products and concepts are being introduced daily.


1QBit are pioneers in specialized quantum software, creating tools for use in certain applications, including machine learning, simulation, and optimization.

By developing software that enables applications to continuously benefit from advancements in both quantum and classical hardware, 1QBit is committed to resolving the most difficult computational difficulties faced by the industry. By redefining intractable issues, 1QBit uses the most potent quantum and conventional processors currently available to produce superior results.

With the option to switch the underlying solver as new releases and hardware architectures are created, 1QBit works with its partners to build industry applications on a hardware-agnostic platform to produce the best results currently available.

In order to address issues in machine learning, simulation, and optimization, 1QBit creates quantum software tools and specialized general algorithms for quantum computing hardware, materials science, quantum chemistry, pharmaceutical discovery, and computational finance are the organization's main research areas.

Specialized Quantum Software

Its optimization team is made up of researchers with expertise in scientific fields such as physics, engineering, and computer science who collaborate closely with clients and partners to identify novel optimization techniques, such as artificial intelligence, and develop solutions to solve them. They developed HOPE, FOCUS, and the 1QloudTM platform.

A computational link called 1QloudTM integrates intricate business issues with cutting-edge technological optimization solutions. It is accessible via platforms like Azure Quantum from Microsoft.

Researchers can benefit from computational power and cutting-edge algorithms with the assistance of the 1QloudTM platform without having to worry about maintaining a complex and expensive computer infrastructure. By utilizing the power of quantum mechanics in a single cloud, users may schedule, plan, route, assign and solve the most challenging optimization problems.

A modular, expandable, and automated software program called the Hyperparameter Optimization Environment (HOPE) automates optimization goals by benchmarking and parameter tuning. For instance, HOPE is used to find the best parameters for several solvers available in Azure Quantum when working on optimization problems for a financial institution.

It is simpler to prototype, validate, and execute optimization solutions using the problem-independent heuristic toolset of constrained optimization solutions known as FOCUS. A user just needs to declare an issue once, after which they can use the same problem specification to employ any of FOCUS's solvers.

Due to its adaptability in utilizing a problem's structure while using various solvers, FOCUS has a strong chance of success in the optimization sector.

Example Applications

Initial benefits afforded by quantum computing are expected to speed up traditional computing. When large computations are carried out by supercomputers using digital computing clusters, quantum machines can solve subsets of problems which will reduce the overall time and resources required to solve a particular problem.

Some examples where 1Qbit can have a positive impact are in machine learning and banking, as described below.

In traditional machine learning, notably in pattern recognition, kernel approaches are frequently used. The kernel is the fundamental building block of an operating system for a computer (OS). All other components of the OS rely on the kernel to supply them with essential services. Qbit1 offers a kernel-based quantum machine learning method that can be implemented on an intermediate-scale quantum device. This approach uses a constrained quantum model known as "deterministic quantum computing with one qubit" to estimate classically unsolvable kernel functions. For machine learning applications, this method offers a framework for investigating the role of quantum correlations other than quantum entanglement.

Due to the widely publicized use of quantum computing for decryption and the multiple pertinent uses of encryption across a wide range of financial transactions, banking is one of the first industries to adopt quantum processing. 1Qbit’s proprietary technology can be implemented in the banking industry for:

  • Anomaly detection - quantum-powered unsupervised machine learning could be used to aid in the faster, more accurate identification of fraud and money laundering, perhaps resulting in a significant decrease in the amount of money lost to illegal activities.
  • Machine learning - Machine learning powered by supercharged AI may start to function at a much better level when paired with quantum computing. In the case of reinforcement learning, it will be possible to shorten the training period and increase the optimization of results significantly.
  • Software validation: Using quantum technology, the bank may be able to swiftly and inexpensively verify and validate its IT systems, lowering the risk of outages as a result of the sharply decreased number of flaws.

Future Outlook

1Qbit has secured partnerships with a wide variety of industry-leading companies to provide hardware inspired by quantum mechanics and cutting-edge machine learning techniques. With new state-of-the-art improvements in AI, benefiting a wide spectrum of human endeavors, 1Qbit has the hardware and software required to apply research to issues on an industrial scale to see the far-reaching effects of the developments made possible by incorporating quantum computing with machine learning.

In order to supply hardware enhanced by quantum mechanics and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, 1Qbit has established partnerships with a wide range of top industry organizations. 1Qbit has the hardware and software necessary to apply research to problems on an industrial scale, to see the far-reaching effects of the developments made possible by combining quantum computing with machine learning. These new state-of-the-art advancements in AI are beneficial to a wide spectrum of human endeavors.

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