SR430 - 5 ns Multichannel Scaler/Averager from Stanford Research Systems

The SR430 is the first multichannel scaler which combines amplifiers, discriminators, bin clocks, and data analysis in a single, integrated instrument. With its many features and its easy-to-use menu driven interface, the SR430 simplifies time-resolved photon counting experiments.

The SR430 Multichannel Scaler/Averager can be thought of as a photon counter that counts events as a function of time. A trigger starts the counter which segments photon count data into sequential time bins (upto 32k bins). The width of the bins can be set from 5 ns to 10 ms. The instrument records the number of photons that arrive in each bin.

The SR430 is useful in a variety of applications where it is necessary to count events as a function of time: LIDAR, time of flight mass spectroscopy, and fluorescence decay measurements are just a few examples.

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