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Hettich EBA 20S Benchtop Centrifuge

The Hettich EBA 20S is a high-speed benchtop clinical centrifuge offering a 3 minute spin for STAT, Platelet Poor Plasma & Coagulation samples. The EBA 20S comes standard with a metal lid lock adding extra protection to ensure user safety at higher speeds. A quick entry, easy to read, digital display with impulse key for short centrifugation compliment this easy-to-use fast compact centrifuge.

Increased speed and less time can make all the difference in a fast paced, high throughput laboratory.  Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) and Coagulation tests are usually run at 1,500 RPM for 15 minutes, wasting valuable time.  The Hettich EBA 20S can run at 8,000 RPM for 3 minutes and consistently produce platelet counts of less than 10,000 platelets /µL.


  • Standard blood separation
  • STAT Tests
  • Coagulation Testing
  • Platelet Poor Plasma


  • Blood Labs
  • STAT Labs
  • ER Labs
  • Chemistry Labs
  • OB/Gyn.’s
  • Critical Care Labs
  • Satellite Sites (Dialysis, Anti-coagulation Clinics)

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