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nanoSXY 400 xy High Speed Positioner from piezosystem jena

The newly designed stages of the series nanoSXY combine the high accuracy and the high speed of piezo positioning system with the a special actuating design for long travel motion. Further more the height of the stage is 20mm only with a free center space of 12.5mm! Outside dimensions are only 60x60mm.

  • ​linear motion up to 400µm in XY
  • 12.5mm free clearance aperture
  • excellent guidance accuracy
  • 5N stiffness in z-axis
  • 0.6nm resolution
  • 3kHz resonant frequency

Especially the ultra flat design of the stage and the easy way to combine the stage to an xy scanning system makes the system open for a wide variety of applications Based on the unique piezojena bi-directional actuating nanoX design, these series is designed to move high load masses with a resolution of 0.6nm.

The nanoX design also guarantees excellent guidance accuracy without parasitic motion and improves the settling time in an active manner.
The stages can be equipped with a high resolution feed back system for closed loop control.

Fields of application are high resolution metrology, x and xy scanning and dynamic positioning.

The stages are available in a cryogenic and vacuum version as well.

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