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FTIR-7600 Single-Beam FT-IR Spectrometer from Lambda Scientific

FTIR-7600 is a single-beam FT-IR spectrometer. This instrument is operated by a PC with user friendly software and a comprehensive manual. Fast scan speeds, high accuracy and ease with operation are standard features. It is an indispensable analysis tool for various application fields such as chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical, materials, mineral, food and beverage, wine industry and quality control.

High stable optical system

  • The design integrates main components to an optical bench machined from a cast aluminium . Highly stable and no need for adjustment, removing troubles of maintenance of optical path
  • Precision machinery ensures high repeatability of every scanning. Advanced design concept is adopted in both optical path and every part
  • The system’s corner cube optics provides easy operation without requiring complicated electronics and additional moving parts. In addition, many components of the spectrometer are user replaceable which saves time over the lifetime of the instrument.
  • Internal dynamic collimation system and movable mirror driving system keep the interferometer at optimum situation.
  • Voice-coil driver and precision slide improves the ability of working in severe conditions.
  • The spectrometer includes a container of desiccant  that protects the beamsplitter and other optical components from moisture damage.

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