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Fluorospectrometer - NanoDrop 3300

Using our patented sample retention technology, the versatile and cost-effective Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer makes broad spectrum fluorescence analysis quick and easy. It offers:

  • Sample size as small as 1 µl
  • Mass detection limit more than one order of magnitude
    lower than conventional fluorometers
  • UV, Blue and White LED excitation, covering a broad wavelength range
  • No filter changes, no monochromator
  • Ability to analyze multiple emission profiles from a
    single sample
  • Simplicity of use – just pipette and wipe
  • User-friendly software
  • Ability to run diverse applications – multiple
    fluorophores, Molecular Beacon Probes, FRET and more
  • A cost-effective, unique alternative to high-end
    fluorometers or complicated lab-built systems with microscopes and CCD cameras

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