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Model WGH Double Beam IR Spectrophotometer from Angstrom Advanced

Type WGH-30/30A is an economical Double-beam Infrared Scanning Spectrophotometer. Ideal for education, petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, public health and environmental protection.

Designed to work with a PC, the software provides bi-directional interface for control of the spectrometer and acquisition and analysis of the data

  • Spectral background baseline memory
  • Spectral background baseline correction
  • Spectral data smoothing operation
  • Spectral baseline slope correction
  • Spectral data differential operation
  • Spectral data arithmetic operation
  • Spectral data accumulating operation
  • Conversion of %T and ABS
  • Spectrum file management
  • Spectral peak checkout
  • Spectrum scale Extension
  • Spectral Absorption expansion

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