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Huber RotaCool Chiller

Chiller with air-cooled refrigerating device, CFC- and H-CFC-free. Housing, evaporator (cooler) and tank made of stainless steel. Digital temperature adjustment and display, temperature stability 1K.

Special Case: Acetone and Polyglycol: The plastic pump is not resistant against acetone and polyglycols (depending on the manufacturer). It is recommended that water is mixed with either Glysantin or ethylene glycol for freeze protection. A more resistant plastic is available on request at an additional cost.

The Rotacool is a co-product of Heidolph and Huber. The Chiller, in space-saving L-design, is especially adjusted to the requirements of Heidolph rotary evaporators concerning cooling capacity and circulation quantity. However, rotary evaporators from other manufacturers can also be operated with this Rotacool.

The area of the evaporator stand can be extended to 582 mm (width) using the extension plate supplied.

Modern and easy to use microprocessor controller with a large temperature display.

Limited to essential functions only:

  • Large temperature display
  • LED indicators for pump and cooling
  • Simple operation using only 3 keys

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