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EZRaman-xB Low Cost Portable Raman System from Enwave Optronics

The EZRaman-xB is the ultra low cost portable Raman system with very good perfromance. It is designed to enable routine Raman spectroscopy applications requiring reliable and accurate measurements. The EZRaman-xB has the best performance-to-cost ratio of all Raman Systems currently available.

Product Highlights:

  • Fully integrated portable Raman system
  • 785 nm frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth laser with 250 mW output powerat sample
  • Near infrared excitation for low fluorescence interference
  • High throughput TE-cooled CCD spectrometer for stable operation
  • Optical resolution: ~9 cm-1 standard (5 cm-1optional)
  • Pixel resolution: 1.1 cm-1/pixel
  • Spectral coverage: 250 – 2,350 cm-1
  • Powerful and user friendly software with chemical process monitoring funtions
  • Direct export or link to GRAMS and Excel for post processing and modeling
  • Ready for spectral search and substances identification
  • Great for teaching labs, Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), OEM, and other routine Raman applications
  • Reliable & compact (4.5"X6.5"X8.25")
  • Robust & durable design
  • Best performance and price among competing instruments
  • 100% made in USA

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