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ATC Orion Series Sputtering Systems from AJA International

The AJA International, Inc. ATC ORION Series Sputtering Systems are compact versions of the popular ATC Series designed to deliver maximum performance for limited budgets. These HV and UHV systems inherit many design features and common parts from the highly evolved ATC-V & ATC-F sputtering tools and offer some unique features such as TUNING CHIMNEYS (patent applied) designed to optimize deposition uniformity. The standard ATC ORION modules (chambers, frames, cluster flanges, etc.) are generally in stock at AJA reducing delivery time. These systems use AJA's exclusive Stiletto (HV) and A300-XP (UHV) magnetron sputtering sources (2" and 3") and can be fitted with heating and cooling stages to accommodate substrates up to 6" diameter. Substrate temperature ranges from LN2 to 1000°C available depending on size and configuration.

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