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Tamarack's M152 Series Mask Aligner is a manual alignment, collimated UV proximity system for accurate pattern replication on wafers/substrates up to 305mm x 305mm, resolving features down to 1um. The M152 provides proximity, soft contact and vacuum contact imaging of the full image of the mask in a single exposure, with the flexibility to vary proximity gapping per the needs of various applications.
The EVG620NT Automated Mask Alignment System, which handles sizes of substrates starting from less than 5 mm up to 150 mm, offers new state-of-the-art features, including a granite base, active vibration isolation and linear motors to meet higher precision and throughput requirements
The OAI Model 200 Mask Aligner and UV Exposure System is a cost-effective high performance mask aligner that has been engineered with industry proven components that have made OAI a leader in the photolithography capital equipment industry.
The IQ Aligner Automated Mask Alignment System is based on a field-proven, robust design with up to 300 mm wafer size capability, full-field exposure, single and double-side alignment, large gap and dark field mask alignment. The high automation level makes the IQ Aligner Automated Mask Alignment System suitable for volume production applications while tremendously lowering equipment operation and maintenance costs.
The third generation MA/BA8 Mask and Bond Aligner represents the latest development of SUSS MicroTec’s manual aligner platform for industrial research and operator assisted production.
The OAI Model 8000 Mask Aligner is an advanced, high-performance optical front and backside mask aligner and exposure tool that delivers ultra precise, front and back side, sub-micron alignment and resolution for the most demanding bulk and surface MEMS applications.
The second generation of the SUSS MicroTec MA300 Gen2 is a highly automated mask aligner platform for 300mm and 200mm wafers. It is specifically designed for 3D Packaging, wafer bumping and wafer level packaging applications but can be used as well for other technologies where geometries in the range of 3 and 100 microns have to be exposed. The MA300 Gen2 represents a new generation of mask aligners from SUSS MicroTec that are designed to address the requirements of modern high-end fabs in a high volume manufacturing environment.
The OAI Model 800FSA Mask Aligner is a semi-automated, optical frontside mask aligner. It delivers ultra-precise (1µm-2µm) alignment accuracy and is designed to greatly surpass the performance of any comparable backside aligner at an extremely competitive price.
The EVG®610 is a highly flexible R&D system that can handle small substrate pieces and wafers up to 200 mm.