What is AZoQuantum?

AZoQuantum is a knowledge tool that is intended to provide the Quantum Science community worldwide with a continuously updating source of all the information they need to make an informed decision on product selection. Either through “static” mediums i.e. the knowledge base of articles and news items or through “dynamic” forms i.e. the community of experts. Due to the collaborative publishing approach that has been adopted, is totally free to access and is strongly focused on the requirements of both the novice and experienced user.

Where is AZoQuantum based? Pty. Ltd., the owner and operator of the website, is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices around the globe.

Who are the AZoQuantum experts?

An AZoQuantum Quantum expert is someone with expertise in a particular subject, who has demonstrated to the AZoQuantum knowledge team that their 'Expert Status' has been recognised in some form by the wider scientific or industrial community.

How do I become an AZoQuantum expert?

If you feel you have something to add or give to the mining community then contact us at

Once you have been registered as an AZoQuantum Expert your profile will be listed alongside the technical articles that are relevant to your area of expertise. You will then be one click away from people who are interested in transferring your technology, your expertise or services.

How do I list my company on the site?

It is very simple to list your company as a key supplier, simply email

What form of content is suitable?

Any form of content that will help to educate the wider Quantum Science community of the benefits of using new materials, processes or products is acceptable. Typically this will be a review article that provides a little background on a particular subject and then concentrates on examples of typical applications. However, AZoQuantum also welcomes shorter contributions, news items or even photographs or graphics, which add to the AZoQuantum content quality.

To submit content email direct to

How do I benefit by submitting content?

AZoQuantum has a very wide audience who use the site for very specific information search and retrieval. Consequently, if you submit content to AZoQuantum you can guarantee that unlike traditional print media, your article will be seen by people who are directly interested in you area of expertise or product. If you are a full time academic, you can also offer to provide your consulting services by listing for free as an AZoQuantum Expert alongside your article or case history.

How do I search AZoQuantum?

AZoQuantum provides the site visitor with a range of search options. These options include a global search, which as the name suggests searches all content for word matches on the headline text, the article summary, keywords and tradenames. Click here to visit the search page.