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Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a chemical process used to produce high-purity, high-performance solid materials. The process is often used in the semiconductor industry to produce thin films. In a typical CVD process, the wafer (substrate) is exposed to one or more volatile precursors, which react and/or decompose on the substrate surface to produce the desired deposit. Frequently, volatile by-products are also produced, which are removed by gas flow through the reaction chamber.
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The AX6300 1.5kW Microwave Plasma CVD System is a state of the art deposition tool for synthesizing high quality polycrystalline and single crystal diamond films for research and production.
The Annealsys MC100 is a cold wall MOCVD reactor especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units. A versatile 4-inch MOCVD system for R&D. 200 mm version available.
The AX5010-INT Microwave Plasma CVD System is used for growth of high quality diamond films and is designed as a low cost entry system for basic film research.
The 650 Series CVD Diamond Coating Systems provide enhanced process control capabilities for precise growth of electrically conductive and ultra-thin pinhole free diamond films.
Six way stainless steel chamber (built-in water cooling) capable of reaching vacuum levels up to 10-8 Torr with an optional turbo molecular pump and backed by a choice mechanical pump. Comes with 8” conflat flanges, two of which are designed to be rotatable. Some ports will have either 8" blank flanges or optical windows.
YES chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems provide total environmental control over the deposition process and accommodate a variety of functionally diverse silanes, for a variety of processes, on a variety of surfaces.
Blue Wave provides a complete line up of physical and chemical vapor deposition systems. Our deposition systems are designed for cutting edge research and development and manufacturing thin film devices and nanomaterials. These Systems are easy to use and set up and can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.