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Atomic force microscopes (AFMs) or scanning force microscopes (SFMs) are very high-resolution types of scanning probe microscope, with demonstrated resolution in the order of fractions of a nanometer, more than 1000 times better than the optical diffraction limit.
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Featured Equipment
Take the award-winning XE-100, shrink it such that it can be placed on top of the many popular inverted optical microscopes, and you have the versatile XE-120, an exceptional AFM with expanded sample and interactivity flexibility.
Other Equipment
This high-resolution AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) of less than 25 mm diameter was designed to fit perfectly into the PPMS® (Physical Property Measurement System) of Quantum Design.
The CombiScope 1000 Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) is an advanced research instrument that provides the entry path for researchers in materials science, biology, spectroscopy and photonics.
Perfect images of opaque samples from the micro to the nanoscale. No compromises.
The SmartSPM 1000 Scanning Probe Microscope is the first 100% automated system that offers its cutting-edge technology of ultra-fast, metrological and high resolution measurements for the most advanced materials research at the nano scale in all AFM and STM modes.
XE-70 is Park Systems’ AFM solution for researchers with limited budget. XE-70 does not compromise any of the innovative technologies of the XE-series that sets it apart from conventional AFMs, supporting the same modes, options, and electronics as all other systems in the XE product line.
The XE-100 is our flagship AFM with reduced drift rate and the Step-and-Scan Automation that provides the ultimate AFM/SPM performance in Non-Contact nanoscale metrology. It is a mid-priced system for materials science, polymers, electrochemistry and other applications in nanoscience and engineering. It can adopt a wide range of optical coupling with its open side access.
With the arrival of the XE-150, Park Systemsf large sample AFM, Non-Contact AFM imaging has become the most feasible and practical way to scan your large samples with ultimate AFM resolution and reliability.
The new NanoWizard® 3 NanoScience AFM is perfect for applications ranging from imaging single molecules, polymers, nanoparticles, and materials to electrical, optical, electrochemical and mechanical measurements in controlled environments.