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Carbon dioxide lasers are the highest-power continuous wave lasers that are currently available. They are also quite efficient: the ratio of output power to pump power can be as large as 20%. The CO2 laser produces a beam of infrared light with the principal wavelength bands centering around 9.4 and 10.6 micrometers.
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LightMachinery's IMPACT 2000 lasers are designed primarily for the fine processing of non-metallic materials. Drilling and machining are typical applications for these lasers. A unique capability of the IMPACT laser is the ability to drill through non-metallic layers on a metal substrate with no damage to the underlying metal layer.
LightMachinery's' LaserMark 950 and 960 series lasers provide a fast, reliable means of applying high quality permanent marks such as date and batch codes to consumer product packages and electronic components.
Compact CO2 lasers that cover from 225 Watts to 500 Watts providing the smallest power-size ratio on the market today.
Coherent's DIAMOND C-Series sealed CO2 lasers are the best power–size ratio available in the market, based on a waveguide design assembled in an integrated package. The RF driver is mounted in the same housing as the laser head, resulting in a compact, robust system that can operate in the most demanding environments.
DIAMOND E-Series are sealed, pulsed CO2 lasers offering maximum powers up to 1 kW in a fully integrated, compact package. The E-Series features a broad range of products, including the E-150 (150W), E-400 (400W) and our 1 kW version, the E-1000.By incorporating the RF power supply within the laser head, the E-Series completely eliminates the RF umbilical, increasing laser reliability, and simplifing its integration into a workstation or robotic tool.
Electro-optic modulators (EOMs) are an easy to use and efficient tool to externally modify the phase, frequency, polarization or amplitude of a free-space laser. In contrast to acousto-optic modulators the spatial mode of the laser beam remains unaltered.
G-Series CO2 lasers feature a compact, solid-state integrated amplifier making it the smallest peak power-size ratio on the market.
GEM-Series are 100W CO2 lasers are available at 9.6 and 10.6 microns and deliver exceptional value, performance and reliability.